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Iron hydroxide for sale. A natural high reactivity mineral powder processed in our factory in France and sold under our famous brand FERHYDROX®. Our iron hydroxide is used to eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in methanisation units (bioreactor).

Iron hydroxide Ferhydrox® by CMMP

CMMP ensures the highest quality of FERHYDROX® through rigorous quality control measures, including testing in its state-of-the-art laboratory to meet the most stringent requirements. Customers can trust the reliability and effectiveness of FERHYDROX® for their H2S elimination needs.

In addition to its performance, FERHYDROX® is known for its eco-friendly nature as it is a natural mineral powder that does not produce harmful by-products. This aligns with CMMP’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

CMMP’s team of experts provides personalized support to customers, offering tailored solutions for their specific needs. With a global network of distributors on five continents, CMMP ensures prompt and efficient delivery of FERHYDROX® to customers worldwide, showcasing its dedication to customer satisfaction and proximity.

Which domains use FERHYDROX®?

A methanation unit is an installation that transforms organic waste into biogas and biomethane.

FERHYDROX® is used for METHANISATION (BIOGAS production) in :

  • On-farm installations
  • Centralized plants

What are the properties of FERHYDROX®?

  • Fine ground and calibrated mineral powder with a very high Iron content,
  • Mineralogy-chemistry-particles optimizing reactivity,
  • Very low levels of heavy metals,
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in digesters by precipitation by forming iron sulfide and sulfur. It avoids the formation of sulphur dioxide (SO2), a very corrosive gas that attacks the installation. It allows to clean the biogas in the methanizer while valorizing the digestate as fertilizer,
  • Use as a preventive measure to quickly reduce H2S peaks and as a curative measure with a low dosage,
  • Very high Iron content higher than those observed on the market (e.g.: 30% for iron hydroxides, 12% for liquid iron chlorides) which gives it an optimal reactivity,
  • Fineness and density adapted to the dispersion of the product in the mixture,
  • Non-hazardous product that can be handled safely by users.

How is FERHYDROX® packaged and delivered?


We package our FERHYDROX® in FERMENTABLE BAGS or BIG BAGS on filmed pallets.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

There are also other packaging, available on request



FERHYDROX® is a high reactivity mineral powder used at low dosage in biogas production units to eliminate hydrogen sulfide H2S.

FERHYDROX® is specifically designed to offer high reactivity, meaning it is capable of quickly reacting with H2S to form stable solid compounds. This effectively reduces the concentration of H2S in the biogas produced by anaerobic digestion units, improving the quality of the biogas and enabling its use in various energy applications.

One of the key features of FERHYDROX® is its low dosage requirement. It is used in minimal quantities, optimizing usage costs while ensuring maximum efficiency. Moreover, FERHYDROX® is environmentally friendly as it is a natural mineral powder that does not generate harmful by-products.

FERHYDROX® is developed and produced by CMMP, a company known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With its expertise in mineral transformation and responsible approach, CMMP offers innovative solutions for H2S elimination in anaerobic digestion units, contributing to the production of clean and renewable energy.