Zircon-Alumina Compound

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CMMP sells Zircon-Alumina compound under its brand ZIRCALU®.

ZIRCALU® Zircon-Alumina Compound by CMMP

CMMP provides Zircon-Alumina compound in the following form:

  • The Zircon-Alumina compound is available as a more or less coarse powder. You can select the desired particle size (powders/sands) upon request.

CMMP sells its Zircon-Alumina compound under the brand name ZIRCALU®.

What are the applications of ZIRCALU® Zircon-Alumina compound?

Refractories: ZIRCALU® is widely used in the production of refractory materials due to its ability to maintain its mechanical properties at extremely high temperatures, ensuring durability and optimal performance in high-temperature applications.

Foundries: In foundries, ZIRCALU® is a preferred choice for molds, cores, and crucible linings because of its resistance to heat, abrasion, and corrosion, contributing to enhanced efficiency in casting processes.

What are the properties of ZIRCALU® Zircon-Alumina compound?

High Quality: ZIRCALU® is made from high-quality zircon and alumina, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in the most demanding applications.

Exceptional Properties: This combination of zircon and alumina offers exceptional properties such as high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent thermal stability. These characteristics make it an ideal material for environments subjected to extreme conditions.

Versatility: ZIRCALU® has a wide range of applications across various industries, including the manufacture of refractories for blast furnaces, crucibles, and furnace linings, as well as in foundry processes where heat and abrasion resistance are critical.

Zircon-Alumina Compound

How ZIRCALU® is packaged and delivered ?


We pack our ZIRCALU® in BAGS or BIG BAGS and also supply in BULK.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

Other packaging is possible on request.

Zircon-Alumina Compound

What is ZIRCALU® Zircon-Alumina compound?

ZIRCALU® is an exceptional mineral product composed of a blend of high-quality zircon and alumina. This unique combination imparts remarkable properties to ZIRCALU®, making it a preferred choice for various industrial applications, particularly in the manufacture of refractory materials and in foundries.