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CMMP sells Sepiolite powder under its brand SEPIOCLAY®.

Sepiolite powder SEPIOCLAY® by CMMP

CMMP provides Sepiolite in the following form:

  • Sepiolite is available as a finely ground, very pure powder.

CMMP sells its Sepiolite powder under the brand name SEPIOCLAY®.

What are the applications of SEPIOCLAY® Sepiolite powder?

Paints and Coatings: Our SEPIOCLAY® Sepiolite powder is used for its rheological properties, particularly its thixotropic effect. Since sepiolite is light-colored, it is easy to integrate into formulations.

Other Applications: SEPIOCLAY® Sepiolite can be used for other specific applications requiring magnesium supplementation or specific absorption needs, for example.

What are the properties of SEPIOCLAY® Sepiolite powder?

SEPIOCLAY® Sepiolite acts as a flow and consistency regulator in systems by absorbing fluid compounds. It enhances the dispersion and distribution of fillers and fibers by forming a reticulated structure within the matrix. Due to its morphology and surface characteristics, it also acts as a reinforcing filler with polar polymers. Additionally, its ability to adsorb microorganisms and chemical compounds, thanks to its chemical inertness, makes it a valuable addition to many industrial formulations.


How SEPIOCLAY® is packaged and delivered ?


We pack our SEPIOCLAY® in BAGS or BIG BAGS and also supply in BULK.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

Other packaging is possible on request.


What is Sepiolite ?

Sepiolite is a mineral belonging to the group of clays with a fibrous structure. Each fiber consists of a multitude of tunnels (or canaliculi) approximately 1 nm² in size, evenly spaced. This specific configuration of elongated hollow bricks gives Sepiolite a remarkable specific surface area.