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CMMP offers a wide range of high-quality MICA in various forms (flakes, powders).

Sale of Mica by CMMP

CMMP provides MICA in the following forms:

  • FLAKES carefully selected, classified according to the needs and desired properties (granulometry, density, color, chemistry etc.).

  • POWDERS obtained by DRY GROUND or WET GROUND. Grinding adjustments are made in order to obtain the desired fineness/granulometry/density. CMMP provides coarse to micronized powders.

CMMP sells its micas under the brand names MICA-SOFT ® (water milled powders) and BRIOMICA ® for the others.

In addition to grinding, CMMP offers the possibility to CALCINATE the micas. This operation allows to purify the product by reducing the fire loss as much as possible but also to lighten the product and promote the delamination of the mica. Calcination also allows to give different shades to the product which are very appreciated in decoration such as for example the color “golden flakes”.

Which domains use MICA?

MICA is used in

  • paints as a protective barrier and as a film reinforcement, anti-corrosion, sealing, decorative agent…
  • plasters of all types such as jointing plasters for plasterboards and decorative plasters
  • Composites and plastics as a reinforcing agent, for its thermal stability, matting effect etc.
  • powdered cosmetics
  • in the welding electrodes
  • brake linings
  • fire extinguisher powders
  • in cladding and fireproof panels in the building industry
  • in electrical engineering
  • in automotive soundproofing
  • for decorative applications in coatings, ceramics, glass, resins…

What are the properties of MICA?

MICA has an extremely thin lamellar crystalline structure. Whether it is used as is or incorporated as a filler, the constitution of MICA enables it to provide remarkable properties: excellent temperature and UV resistance, very high chemical inertia and high dielectric strength, low permeability to gases and liquids, high fire resistance, and exceptional durability. It provides mechanical reinforcement and reinforces the adhesion of the coatings to the substrates. Its flakes offer sought-after decorative effects such as sparkling or randomized effects.


How is MICA packaged and delivered?


We pack our MICA in BAGS or BIG BAGS and also supply in BULK.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

Other packagings are possible on request.


What is MICA?

MICA is the name of a family of minerals, of the silicate subgroup of phyllosilicates formed mainly of aluminum and potassium silicate. Together with quartz and feldspar, it is one of the constituents of granite.

MICA is a mineral in lamellar form. This form gives it very particular properties.

CMMP provides micas of the muscovite family, but also phlogopites and biotite.