Micaceous Iron Oxide IRONOR®

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CMMP lets you know about this Micaceous Iron Oxide sold under the brand IRONOR®.

Sale of Micaceous Iron Oxide by CMMP

CMMP provides Micaceous Iron Oxide in the form of flakes, carefully chosen, sorted according to the aimed properties (granulometry, density, color, chemistry…etc.)

CMMP sells its Micaceous Iron Oxide under the brand IRONOR®.

Which applications for Micaceous Iron Oxide?

IRONOR® is mostly used in anticorrosive paints for metallic surfaces.

It can also be used in other domains requesting hematites. For instance, when manufacturing welding electrodes.

IRONOR® was used for over 120 years in anticorrosive coatings composition in order to enhance painting life span. This special painting is mostly used in hostile areas, industrial and navy paintings.

The best example is the Eiffel Tower, which is covered with an anticorrosive painting composed of Micaceous Iron Oxide. It allows the painting to last longer. IRONOR® is used in anticorrosive coatings on metallic surfaces: electricity pylons, oil platforms, cisterns, pipelines…

What are Micaceous Iron Oxide properties?

Thanks to its layered structure, IRONOR® enhance the anticorrosive performances of coatings:

  • It builds up a barrier against corrosion: the thin flakes move alongside the substrate to form a protection against external assaults, to avoid moisture and sea salt. It blocks UV rays.
  • The form factor is high because its layered structure is important.
  • Its high lamellarity acts as a barrier against seepage in paintings.
  • IRONOR® and iron share the same thermal expansion ratio, as a result it reduces bending and cracking of the film.
Micaceous Iron Oxide IRONOR®

How is IRONOR® packaged and delivered ?


We pack our IRONOR® in BAGS or BIG BAGS and also supply in BULK.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

Other packaging is possible on request.

Micaceous Iron Oxide IRONOR®

What is Micaceous Iron Oxide?

It is a natural mineral rock, which belongs to the hematite family (Fe2O3), very rich in iron oxide, and it features a layered structure. Its layered compounds have a shiny aspect.

IRONOR® is chemically still, non-toxic, has a color from dark grey to black. IRONOR® is ISO 10601 standards certified (Premium Grade, lamellarity > 85%).