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CMMP sells ZIRCON under its brand BRIOREF®PRIMAZIR.

Sale of Zircon by CMMP

It is sold in the form of :

  • calibrated sands with a “G” grade for coarse up to AFS 62
  • ground powders called “flours” (mainly 200 and 325mesh but also micronized)

The treatments carried out are in particular :

  • grinding
  • calcination at high temperature to purify the mineral
  • classification/screening/mixing to adjust the granulometry

CMMP is able to make “tailor-made” in order to propose the product adapted to the very specific customer requests

Which domains use ZIRCON ?

ZIRCON is used in the following applications

  • the production of refractory products (bricks, mortars…)
  • the production of moulds in investment casting
  • the production of brake pads
  • the production of abrasives
  • production of ceramics
  • as a raw material for the extraction of Zirconium Zr or the production of Zirconia
  • etc.


What are the properties of ZIRCON ?

ZIRCON is particularly interesting for its physical and chemical stability, its hardness close to that of diamond (7.5 on Mohr’s scale), its toughness, its opacifying power and its very high refractoriness.

CMMP keeps ZIRCON in its natural form by subjecting it to mechanical (grinding) and thermal (calcinations) treatments.


How ZIRCON is packaged and delivered ?


We pack our ZIRCON in BAGS or BIG BAGS and also supply in BULK.


We can organize the logistics to the final delivery point.

Custom made

Other packaging is possible on request.


What is ZIRCON ?

ZIRCON is a natural mineral called zirconium silicate with a composition of ZrSiO4 composed mainly of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). It is the main ore of Zirconium (Zr). It is extracted from the same raw material as Rutile and Illmenite.

CMMP sells ZIRCON under its BRIOREF® brand with the PRIMAZIR grade in reference to the PREMIUM quality.

ZIRCON is one of CMMP’s main minerals and has a strong network of suppliers. CMMP has access to the best grades of ZIRCON worldwide.