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Expertise at the service of mineral processing

Welcome to CMMP Factory

The CMMP plant is a place where expertise, quality and innovation come together to deliver world-class mineral processing solutions. Located in an environment conducive to industrial production, the CMMP plant is equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee optimum efficiency and quality in the production of its products.

The CMMP plant is recognized for its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. While adhering to environmental and safety standards, the CMMP plant implements responsible production processes, while continually seeking ways to improve its environmental footprint.

Quality is a top priority at the CMMP factory. Rigorous quality controls are in place at every stage of production to ensure that products meet the highest industry standards. The CMMP factory also has in-house laboratorie where products are tested and analyzed to ensure compliance with the highest quality requirements.

CMMP's factory is also recognized for its flexibility and tailor-made approach. It offers a wide range of products to cover all types of industrial applications, and can adapt its production processes according to the specific needs of each project. CMMP customers thus benefit from customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

The CMMP plant team is made up of highly qualified experts in the field of mineral processing. Passionate about their job, CMMP team members are constantly trained and updated on the latest technological advances and industry best practices. Commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is at the heart of CMMP's corporate culture.

CMMP is proud of its proximity to its customers. It offers responsive and personalized customer service, with technical support and expert advice to help customers choose the best solutions for their needs. The CMMP plant also relies on a global network of distributors located on five continents, which ensures a local presence to respond quickly to requests from customers around the world.

It is a place where expertise, quality, flexibility and proximity come together to deliver world-class mineral processing solutions. With its commitment to social responsibility, its constant quest for quality, its tailor-made approach, its highly qualified team and its excellent customer service, the CMMP factory is a trusted partner for industrial needs, offering products and services of superior quality for its customers around the world.