CMMP Company

Processing of minerals.


Experience since the founding of the company in 1932 in the processing and trading of industrial minerals.


The expertise of CMMP, aside from being strategic, technical and customer oriented, is to know how to research and provide for each industrial need and for each user the origins of the most adapted products, taking into account the constraints of resources and logistic possibilities.

Our factory is based in Saint-Quentin in the Aisne

Our mineral processing plant.

Sand of Zircon.

Measurement in the laboratory.

Mica in bulk.

Grinding and calcination of Zircon.

Filled bag of expanded Vermiculite.

Measuring the viscosity of Zircon.

The mineral processing plant.

In our factory in Saint-Quentin, we carry out the following operations:

  • Crushing of minerals,
  • Expansion of minerals,
  • High temperature calcination,
  • Selection, classification, sieving, mixtures,
  • Packaging, repackaging in bags, big-bags,
  • Bulk loading tank and skip / custom processing.